Life Coaching.
“Take control of your life and achieve your wildest dreams”

- Harrold, 2001
McDermott and Jago (2001) argue “Coaching is seen as something distinct from teaching, training, counselling and therapy.” In the main, life coaching clients are healthy successful people. At some point in time life adds challenges that impact and can create a ‘stuckness’. Life coaching will enable you to regather your thoughts and focus and, to continue to pursue your chosen life path. Life coaching will explore your current situation, motivate and support to enable you to achieve your goals, maximise potential and make healthy changes in your life. Please note: life coaching is not a substitute for personal therapy.
Booking appointments and cost
Appointments are 50 minutes, once per week, fortnightly or per month, costing £45 each session. Appointments must be paid for 24 hours in advance due to required room bookings; monies are not refundable for non attendees.

Venue: The Clervaux Exchange, Jarrow, NE32 5UP.
Ring Jill on 07900457894 to make an appointment.